The Knightstrider – A Top Disney Travel Vlogger for Tips to Orlando, Windsor Hills Resort & Theme Parks | Tenerife

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The Knightstrider is a YouTube channel run by Andrew and Laura, a couple who are avid travelers and vloggers based in Tenerife, Spain. The channel focuses on travel, adventure, and excursions, as well as the best of Tenerife and its surrounding areas. Andrew and Laura are known for their positivity and sense of adventure, and they love taking their subscribers and friends along with them on their journeys.


One of the things that sets The Knightstrider apart is their focus on providing helpful tips and advice for traveling to Orlando, specifically Disney World, Universal Studios, and Celebration, FL. They have a large Facebook group dedicated to this topic, where they share information and interact with other travelers. Andrew is known for his expertise on Windsor Hills Resort, which is where they stay when visiting Orlando. He showcases why it is the best location and value for anyone visiting the area, and he shares his insights on how to make the most out of a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios.


Another great thing about The Knightstrider is their commitment to interacting with their viewers and subscribers. They do regular weekly live streams, where they love to chat and have fun with their audience. This creates a sense of community around the channel, and it allows viewers to feel like they are a part of the adventure.


In addition to their travel and adventure content, The Knightstrider also showcases the best of Tenerife and its surrounding areas. From beautiful beaches to stunning natural landscapes, Andrew and Laura provide a glimpse into the beauty and culture of this unique destination. This adds another layer of depth to the channel, and it allows viewers to explore a new destination along with the hosts.


Overall, The Knightstrider is a must-watch for anyone who loves travel, adventure, and positive energy. With their helpful tips, engaging personalities, and beautiful footage, it's easy to see why this channel has such a dedicated following. Whether you're planning a trip to Orlando or just looking to explore a new destination, The Knightstrider has something to offer for everyone.